At the PAO festival 2017 CAN – Concerned Artists Norway (NO) curated a video program exploring the various ways artists document and use video in their performance work.
Link PAO Festival 2017

The three selected videos were:
Ananda Serné
Echoists of the Takase River, 2016
03:16 min.
Echoists of the Takase River departs from the phenomenon known in Japanese folklore as kodama. Sounds in mountains and valleys make a delayed echoing effect, and the spoken words reflected against the landscape are thought to be kodama, trees that are answering.
Late in the 1970s, three dams were built along the course of the Takase river in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Echoists of the Takase River focuses on the vegetation around one of these dams. A Japanese sign language interpreter signs the word kodama, while a group of echoists shout both the names of plants and trees that died during the construction of the dam, as well as the names of pioneer species that were the first to colonize the previously disrupted land.
Performed by: 
Naoto Nakamura, Mariko Nishijo, Mio Nishitani, Chihiro Takahashi, Tomoaki Urano and Akemi Watanabe
Sign language interpreter: Atsuko Tanabe
Sound design: Sveinbjörn Thorarensen
Translation: Sosei Sato
Thanks to the support of the city of Ōmachi, Nagano, Japan.
Ananda Serné (b.1988) graduated from the Iceland Academy of the Arts’ MA programme in 2016. Her practice traverses moving image, photography, installation and writing. Recent exhibitions and screenings have been included in Høstutstillingen, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo; Studio 17, Stavanger, Norway; Tenderflix, Tenderpixel’s Film and Video Competition, London; Gerðarsafn Kópavogur Art Museum, Iceland; Anitmatter Media Art, Canada and Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Germany. 

Erikk McKenzie  
Blindsoner, ( Blind Spots) 2016
03:03 min.
In his performance Blind Spots at Rådhusparken during Maidans Lørenskog dance festival, Erikk McKenzie used dance and electronic music in an improvised encounter with the natural surrounding.
The later work with the video documentation formed an extension of the performance. In his choreographies McKenzie takes interest in the relationship between body, sound and the human as a site of encounter between nature and technology. The title Blind Spots refers to an investigation of the bodily patterns of movement and spots in the body less available to us in the formation of our psychosomatic self. 

Erikk McKenzie is a musician, dancer and choreographer. After his studies at School for New Dance Development (Amsterdam) he has performed in productions by choreographers and theater directors like Wee / Francesco Scavetta, Avdal / Shinozaki, Nina Ossavy and Alexandra Pirici. His music has lead to a whole range of cooperations and concerts, as well as compositions for among others Duda Paiva Company / Riksteatret.


Milos Sejn
06:00 minutes of 1:48
A drawing as a graphic text in the surge of the Irish peninsula. Each gesture, line or a trace is at the same time a recording / an expression of the seen and spoken. My mind, eyes, mouth, hands, body are in action. A shortened recording by a field camera GoPro Hero 4.
From Oír Arran texts:

a / v skamenem / v / a v v opět  / ctt z // v š tttttt
tak zzzzzz / z zzas / e / ab s t / sssssssssssss /
sssssssssssss // ffffff / plošině / pod vodou / s
bvvvv tt bbbt jaaaaa // v pěnami / a pěnamím / a
pěnamíím / psja tíín číí dááá / s tsk kááá / tzs / je
ták / ta da dááá / kvvaaats uúúúú / fudjúúú ts
pssss v ostře / f ča čelen / ti kchhh / tak // bl bl
bla blabbbz / blabzz d ú azzz / tcksss ú
tssssschůůůúúúoo / sssssssss / tz tz z k / vsijúúú
vsj / vch // a

Milos Sejn (1947) works in the fields of visual art, performance and study of visual perception, and conducts workshops, such as Bohemiae Rosa. His artistic concept was formed in his youth when he undertook many trips into the wilderness as a reflection of an inner need to get closer to the secret of nature and observe the miracles that happen in it. He consciously is working in the areas of expressive language among text, visual stroke, body movement, voice, and expansion into space.

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